Welcome College Coaches!

Option 1: Working

Work with our talented softball athletes that are attending our combines and showcases. We need coaches that can be in the dugouts to help with the college showcases & on the field to assist with combine drills.

Option 2: Scouting

Not interested in working? That is fine! We would love to host you and your staff to attend our Combines, Showcase, and/or Tournaments. We’ll have student-athletes in attendance for every college division level.

Register for a RecruitLook Softball Event

Bob Snavely with RecruitLook will follow-up with you regarding your registration.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will College Coaches Be Paid To Work Events?

Yes. We will coordinate a fee if you help at our combine and/or showcases.

How Much Will College Coaches Be Paid?

It depends on the event and whether you plan on working or just scouting, and also if you plan on attending combines+showcases or just the tournament. The best thing is to contact Bob Snavely to discuss (bob.snavely@recruitlook.com).

Are Meals Provided To College Coaches?

Most cases…Yes. We will provide food at most of our events.

Will College Coaches Be Provided Hotel Rooms?

It is not guaranteed that we can provide hotel rooms. Rooms will be provided on a need basis with a limited amount available per event.

Will College Coaches Get Access To Player Info?

Yes. We will provide roster sheets for our combines, showcases, and tournament to every college coach in attendance.