RecruitLook Softball Combine Series

Combine Testing Info

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DATE:  Multiple Events Each Year

WHERE: Multiple Locations Each Year

WHO: 2022-2025 Recruits

COST: $ Affordable Pricing $


RecruitLook Softball is the certified testing agency for Athletafied and will test athletes in the following:

-Home to first speed
-Home to home speed
-Fielding arm strength
-Overhead arm strength
-Bat speed
-Agility training
-Height / Weight / Wingspan


You’ll get your certified testing results that college coaches are seeking. This is a great opportunity to get important data into the hands of college coaches. Additionally, you’ll receive a free Athletafied profile where your results will be stored, which is accessible for college coaches to search.

Combine Lineup

May 27th Combine & College Showcase

Runs in conjunction with USA Softball KC's May 28-30 Memorial Invitational Tournament

May 27th | Blue Valley Rec Sports Complex | Powered by Decker Sports

July 8th Combine & College Showcase

Runs in conjunction with our July 8-10 RecruitLook College Showcase Tourney

July 8th | Beatrice, NE | Powered by Decker Sports

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October 28th Combine & College Showcase

Runs in conjunction with our October 28-30 RecruitLook Invitational Tournament

October 28th | Kansas City, MO | Powered by Decker Sports

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will College Coaches Be In Attendance?

Yes. We invite college coaches to attend each one of our Combine and College Showcase Events. We’ll update the list of committed schools as the event gets closer.

Is Info Sent To College Coaches?

Yes. We send all the combine data to our large database of college coaches. Additionally, we send recruiting information and Showcase MVPs to our college coaching database.

Do College Coaches Have Access To My Data?

Yes — if you allow your information to be public within our application. College coaches have free accounts where they access and filter through data. If a coach wants to get the players with the best vertical jump, bat speed, or fastest home-to-home time…they can find that and compare you to other athletes across the country.

Is Combine Testing Done With The Best Technology?

Yes. We have laser technology and custom applications that give you the most reliable results. We use Athletafied testing equipment for all our combines.

Will College Coaches Be At The Showcase Games?

Yes. In fact, every dugout will have at least 2 college coaches in there. These coaches will be in charge of coaching the teams.

Do You Have To Participate In Both The Showcase & Combine?

No. You can register for them individually or do both!

What Do You Bring To The Showcase & Combine?

Bring the following items:

  • Wear your travel team uniform
  • Your own cleats
  • Your own bat & glove
  • Your own water